Must-haves for Your Round of Golf

Must-haves for Your Round of Golf

Golf has become a popular sport over recent years among men and women of all ages. It is not only a great form of exercise, but it provides an opportunity to socialise and enjoy the outdoors. But to get started there are some essential pieces of equipment you will need.


What do you need to start playing golf?

When you’re starting out you don’t need to go overboard in the amount of equipment you set out to purchase. Below is a list of essential items you will need to get you started.


Golf Clubs

While you’re able to carry as many as 14 clubs in your bag, if you are just beginning there is no need to start out with this many. A basic set of clubs includes:

  • A Driver
  • A Wedge
  • A Wood
  • A 3-Iron
  • A 5-Iron
  • A 7-Iron
  • A Putter


As a beginner, these clubs will help you learn the game and improve technique. Once you understand how the clubs work and how they assist your game, you will be able to add more clubs to your bag.


Golf Bag

Once you have your golf clubs you will need a bag to store and carry them in. It doesn’t need to be fancy or too big, but it should be able to hold all your clubs and your golf accessories.


Golf Balls

As a beginner, ensure you have plenty of golf balls. It’s not uncommon to lose balls as you learn the game of golf. There are many types of golf balls available on the market, all differing in material and construction. Again, once you gain more golf experience you will work out which ones work best for your game.


Golf Tees

Golf tees are used to begin each golf hole. Tees come in various heights so as you become more experienced, you will get to know what you are more comfortable with and what works best for your game.


A Golf Glove

Grip is one of the most important factors of playing golf. Golf gloves are not only designed to optimise your grip, but to ensure your hand is protected as well. It’s important to choose a glove that is comfortable.


Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are designed with spikes underneath and help provide comfort and support for the long distances you are required to walk while playing golf. They will also provide good footing in bunkers and for rough shots.


Golf Apparel

Most golf courses have dress codes and you will be required to wear a collared shirt and a pair of golf pants or neat casual dress pants.



Apart from using a towel to dry your hands, and wipe sweat away, a small towel will come in handy for removing the dirt from your golf clubs and golf balls.


Other items to keep in your golf bag include:

  • A pencil for scoring
  • A golf umbrella
  • A divot repair tool
  • A water bottle
  • A hat
  • Sunscreen


As a beginner, these items will help ease you into the game of golf. As you become more experienced and familiar with golf you will be able to expand on the contents of your golf bag to ensure you are playing your best game.