Great Golf Coaches in Australia — Part 1

Great Golf Coaches in Australia — Part 1

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We thought it would be a great idea to write something about the golf coaches in Australia for those of you who are looking for one to improve your game. After researching hundreds of PGA coaches in Australia GOLFMATE wants to share with you some of the great ones. No matter if you are an occasional social player, or a professional competition player, we hope that all golfers can find something helpful here.


We would like to start our list from New South Wales. Here are six great golf coaches based in NSW:


Gary Barter

The Australian Golf Club

Lesson fee: Contact for details

(02) 9663 2515

Gary Barter is a PGA Pro registered with the Professional Golfers Association of Australia, who has years of teaching experience and can assist you in improving your game.


Dennise Hutton

Barton Park Golf Range

Lesson fee: Contact for details

(02) 9567 7234


Dennise Hutton is a Golf Professional who is based in Sydney. She became the first woman awarded the PGA Teaching Professional of the Year NSW/ACT in Australia. Hutton is also known as one of Australias’ most famous International Golfers and Golf coaches. She welcomes students of all levels and with golf coaching, mind improvement seminars and golfing schools she can offer you a holistic approach to your game. Hutton offers coaching on many levels that include BioSwing Dynamics, MySwing 3D Motion capture technology and Aimpoint Putting techniques.



Jason Laws

Jason Laws Golf Academy, Newcastle Golf Club

Lesson fee: $120 to $140 per hour

(02) 4928 1664


Jason Laws. Source:


Jason Laws, from the recreational golfer to PGA Tour players, is recognised as one of the top golf instructors in Australia. He became the 2002 and 2015 NSW/ACT PGA Teacher of the year, the 2016 NSW/ACT PGA Coach of the Year and 2018 NSW/ACT and National Golf Development Professional of the Year. He works with many top ranked amateur golfers and tour player James Nitties.



Jason Wood

Thornleigh Golf Centre

Jason Wood. Source:


Jason Wood has always achieved results with golfers of all levels, with his interesting and direct style and a deep passion for teaching and understanding players. Wood arrives from Europe’s only Nike Golf Academy. With professional experience of over 20 years and more than 20,000 lessons, Wood is a modern coach who thinks forward and is always looking for the fastest way to help his students: whether you are a beginner or fellow professionals, he will help you improve your game. It’s also worth mentioning that being an expert in high-speed video analysis and launch monitor data, Wood is one of the pioneering coaches in Australia that use Trackman data to help players reach their goals faster.



Raymond Hawkins

Precision Golf


Raymond Hawkins. Source:


Raymond Hawkins is an experienced and knowledgeable professional golfer with a playing history in US, Australia, and Asia. With over 25 years experience playing golf, he has won more than 40 tournaments at junior and amateur level. Hawkins has a unique view on how the golf swing should function. Although he is very technology driven and experienced, he always explains the golf swing in very simple terms and enables students to benefit gains on any level. He has worked with some of the leading coaches in the States and has a very friendly and passionate approach with all his students from the beginner to the advanced or even professional.



Richard Mercer

The Vintage Golf Club

Lesson fee: $75 per half hour, $130 per hour, one to three-day golf schools starting from $435

0429 001 611

Richard Mercer is teaching. Source:


Richard Mercer is the Director of Golf Instruction at The Vintage Golf Club in the Hunter Valley, Australia. He is known as one of Australia’s finest teaching professionals. Mercer thrives on coaching golfers of all levels, from beginners to Tour Professionals (including Sam Brazel — the 2016 UBS Hong Kong Open Champion). Being a member of the PGA of Australia since 1978, Mercer played on the Australian, European and Asian Tours. Since he left the Tour, he has been Head Golf Professional at several golf clubs across NSW, who has also designed and built golf courses in the Hunter Valley and Harrington Waters. The coaching philosophy of Mercer is that golf should be taught and learned in the simplest and most advantageous way possible. With excellent communication skills he successfully achieved results in his students of all levels. His easygoing, non-threatening, and interesting approach allows you to take the game to a higher level with more skill and confidence.



Jason King

Sydney Golf Academy

Lesson fee: Contact for details

(02) 9663 1064

Jason King. Source:


Jason King teaches Australian PGA Tour players and elite amateurs, sharing with students the experiences from his old days on tour with the world’s leading coaches and the world’s leading players. In 2012 he joined the Sydney Golf Academy at Moore Park. Before turning professional in 2001, King was a great amateur player who used to represent both the New South Wales State and Australian Teams. He had over 17 years experience playing tournament golf across more than 30 countries while providing golf tuition to golfers everywhere around the world. His teaching philosophy is to listen constantly to his clients’ needs and to help improve their games based on their own needs. And his personal top tip is “Turn the hit into a swing!”



Dean Kinney

Golf NSW

Lesson fee: $150 per hour

0408 442 703


A Certified PGA Professional for over 19 years, Dean Kinney has a coaching experience of 17 years and is conversant in modern technologies such as TRACKMAN, K Vest, TPI, Sam Putt Lab, Dartfish and C swing software. With an enthusiasm for holistic coaching which includes mind, body and technique, he currently coaches Tour Players, Trainee Professionals, elite Amateurs, elite ladies and pennant Squads, juniors. He believes that “Each golfer has a unique set of experiences that determine where their mind is at. You need to appreciate that and work with it rather than against it. I want to be the guy that believes in a players ability to do things that they and others think can’t be done.”



Lisa Newling

Tura Beach Country Club

Lesson fee: Contact for details

0417 485 635


Being a Certified PGA Professional and a member of the Australian PGA, Lisa Newling has over 22 years experience in the industry. With deep passion for coaching, she has a very simple and straightforward teaching style, focusing on assisting students to achieve their goals. She welcomes students of all abilities – seniors, juniors, male, female, and beginners to advanced players – and she enjoys seeing how her students improve their game step by step during her coaching.



John Serhan

St Michael’s Golf Club

Lesson fee: $80 per half hour, $140 per hour

0411 570 540

John Serhan. Source:


John Serhan is the Head Teaching Professional at St Michael’s Golf Club. A Certified PGA Professional – Advanced in Coaching, John Serhan is known as one the most successful golf coaches in Australia, two current players among the top 20 on the Australian and Asian tours. He has been named quite a few times as “Teaching professional of the Year” and is recognized as one of Australia’s top coaches. Passionate about holistic coaching, Serhan pays attention to all technical, tactical, physical and mental sides of the game during coaching. He is also experienced with modern technologies including the use of Trackman ball flight, club delivery data monitoring, SAM Putt Lab stroke mechanics data, etc.


​Like Nick O’Hern, the former US PGA Tour star, said, “Great coaches never leave their students feeling confused about what they’re trying to do, they know exactly what’s required.” This is the quality that separates great coaches from good ones. So if you ever feel confused or uncertain when learning the game, just talk to your coach, they will help you figure out the problem. Otherwise you should probably consider finding yourself another one. We would be pleased if you find GOLFMATE’s coach list helpful, or you can just go to and search for a PGA pro that is close to you.


Interested in learning more about Australian golf coaches in other states? Stay tuned to GOLFMATE’s blog and follow us on Facebook!