Jason King – Golf Coach New South Wales

Jason King – Golf Coach New South Wales

Jason King is currently working as Director of Golf at Lynwood Golf Academy, whose students include Australian PGA Tour players and elite amateurs.

Before turning professional in 2001, King was a great amateur player who used to represent both the New South Wales State and Australian Teams. He had over 17 years experience playing tournament golf across more than 30 countries while providing golf tuition to golfers everywhere around the world.

During his time being a teaching professional at Sydney Golf Academy at Moore Park Golf and then a director of golf at Lynwood Country Club, Jason King has been sharing with students the experiences from his old days on tour with the world’s leading coaches and the world’s leading players.

His teaching philosophy is to listen constantly to his clients’ needs and to help improve their games based on their own needs. And his personal top tip is “Turn the hit into a swing!”

Go visit Jason King’s page (https://www.lynwoodgolf.com.au/lessons/jason-king/) on Lynwood Golf Academy’s website for more information, and you may book a lesson at his golf schools via GOLFMATE when our app is launched!