Why You Should Consider A Golf Coach

Why You Should Consider A Golf Coach

Investing in myself or Investing in New Equipment 


Taking Golf lessons by a PGA professional is undoubtedly the best way to achieve accelerated growth. After Tiger won his US open the first thing he did was have golf lessons from his coach. This is also the case with all other elite golfers. Then there are our mid-high handicappers who will never have a golf lesson but are happy to spend thousands on a brand new driver or set of irons. 


Having a coach can help you:

– Improve your course management skills

– Play better on the greens

– Hit the ball longer and straighter

– Ensure your equipment fits properly 


Real improvements take time but by adopting the right coach you will be able to accelerate this process and improve your golf game sooner rather than later. Lessons are essential especially for beginners who are trying to learn the basics. The right coach will also help you lay a solid foundation.


Having a Golf Coach Provides:

– Professional advice

– Opportunity to play regularly

– Opportunity for real improvements


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Here are some reasons why players refuse to get lessons and why you should consider investing in yourself and not your new set of irons. 



Golf is perceived as an expensive sport and it wasn’t a surprise to find that the biggest reason why golfers don’t take lessons is the cost.

If you are happy to spend money on new equipment you should instead consider getting lessons from a coach.


Difficulty finding the right coach 

When looking for a new golf coach there are a few things you should look for.

– Does the coach have PGA certifications?

– Are they Good Communicators?

– Is there Chemistry?

– Do they have a good track record?


We understand that finding the right coach may be difficult. Luckily now there are easier ways of sourcing the right coach for you! For Example apps such as Golfmate simplify the process of finding the right coach by showing you local PGA coaches near you. Whether you are looking for a coach that specialises in a certain part of your game, a female coach, or a coach that speaks your language you will be easily able to find the right coach for you. 



It’s hard enough to find time to play golf, let alone find time to schedule a lesson. To make a booking with a coach you generally have to call up the pro shop or leave a message on your coach’s phone and wait for them to get back to you and we all know how often golf coaches check their phones! 


Golfmate allows you to see your coach’s schedule giving you the freedom and flexibility to book lessons when it suits you and at the click of a button. 


Bad Experience
We can’t stress enough, if you’re not enjoying your golf lessons then you don’t have the right coach. Don’t let one bad lesson deter you from golf lessons entirely, find a different coach and persevere with the process of trying to improve.


Golfmate streamlines this process showing all the coaches, their qualifications, teaching methodology as well as reviews from other players making the process of picking your own coach simple.