Making Golfing in the Wind a Breeze!

Making Golfing in the Wind a Breeze!

 One of golfs biggest struggles is playing in windy conditions. Blustery Days can leave golfers disheartened as they watch good shots turn bad, and bad shots turn worse… with all the variables you already have to worry about such as bunkers and water hazards, you really don’t want the weather to be impacting your game. Here are a few tips and adjustments you can make so that you can stripe it down the middle, even during those gale force winds. 


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Swing Easy 

As the classic saying goes… “When it’s breezy, swing easy”. As cliché as it may sound this is one of the most effective ways to keep control of your golf ball on a windy day. Many golfers are inclined to swing it harder and faster, particularly when the wind is in your face… however, this is one of the worst things we can do! By swinging harder you not only throw off both your timing and balance, but you also increase the spin rate which can cause the golf ball to elevate too much or dramatically curve with the direction of the wind. By making a smooth, controlled swing we can reduce the amount of spin on the ball and try to keep it flying lower.  



Club Choice 

Taking into consideration that you are going to be swinging it a little easier, you’ll need to club up. As a general rule of thumb, every 10 mph of wind equates to about 1 club. So if you have 100 meters to the green with a 10 mph wind in your face and you would normally hit a 9 iron, you’ll need to hit an 8 iron. Of course, this goes both ways… so if you find yourself with a 10 mph tailwind, you would obviously club down. Remember, this is only a baseline and results can vary slightly from player to player. Knowing your stock yardages is key to determining how much you need to club up or down. 



Ball Position 

In order to help lessen the impact of a stiff breeze in your face, you will want to lower your ball flight slightly. In order to do this, you should play the ball further back in your stance. Try putting the ball about an inch farther back than your usual position and placing your weight forward a fraction. This effectively reduces the loft of the club thus leading to a lower ball flight. This setup with a slow and shallow swing should help you battle those gusty days on the course. 



Course Management 

How you manage your way around the golf course on a windy day is crucial. It is inevitable that you will score slightly higher than you would if conditions were perfect, but what can you do to keep this score increase to a minimum? Start by aiming for the middle of the green instead of ‘pink seeking’. By doing this it means that you have far more margin for error and that the wind can affect your ball without it punishing you. The same applies for tee shots; if you are particularly erratic with the driver, consider keeping it in the bag. A 3-wood or even an iron in the fairway beats a lost drive every time. Shot shaping in the wind can be particularly tough, try to avoid hitting that aggressive draw round the dog leg and consider a lay-up. Play sensibly and don’t try to be the hero… sure, your score might now be as low. But your competitors won’t be either… let them make the mistakes instead of you! 


As we all know too well, it’s not easy to play golf in the wind. But sometimes, it can be unavoidable. Don’t let the wind defeat you, use the above tips to fight those brutal conditions and watch your golf improve!