How to Putt Like a Pro

How to Putt Like a Pro

Putting is an often neglected part of practice yet perhaps one of the most important parts of Golf. If you are serious about improving your golf game, maybe it’s time to stop practicing how far you can hit your driver on the range and focus on holing more putts. 

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On paper, putting should be one of the easiest parts of the game. On the green, no hazards in your way and a short swing… yet why do so many of us struggle with it? It comes down to; reading putts well, distance control, being able to consistently find the center of the club, and making your putting stroke repeatable. 


Improving your putting is one of the simplest ways to lower your scores. Less of those dreaded three-putts, more enjoyment, better scores!


Before stepping up to a putt you should consider the following factors:

– Green Speed

– The slope on the Green

– Aiming Point

– Distance


Here are some tips that some of the  PGA tour players use :


Tiger Woods – Gate Putting Drill

This is a drill that Tiger uses when putting. He stands 3-4 feet away from the hole and then places two tees just wider than the head of your putter creating a gate for your putter to swing through. Then go ahead and hit 12 putts using only his right hand (Right-handed golfers), then 6 with both hands. Set a number of putts you would like to get in a row once you hit that number you can end the drill. 



Phil Mickelson – Putting from 30+ Feet (Distance & Speed Control)


Here is a drill that Phil uses when he putts.  Phil will find a hole on the practice green and will stick three tees in the ground. One at 30, 40, and 50 feet out. Then roll three putts in a row from each tee until he gets three in a row. Repeat this process at 40 feet and then 50 feet so you can get into a rhythm and get a good feel for the ball. This drill is important for working on your distance control for the longer putts and if you get your speed right you will have an easy second putt. 


Use Phills 30-40-50 next time you’re on the course and see yourself stop three-putting!



Brandt Snedeker – Putting Tip

Snedes is known as a great putter and is known for getting on with it. Once he knows what he wants to do with the putt he does not waste any time.


His strategy is that the longer you take to putt will only cause you to stress more and if you start doubting what you’re doing it’s more than likely you won’t have a good Putt. 


Next time you see Sneds on the course watch how he reads the putt from behind the ball, he will often make little air strokes with his right hand as well as always having 3-4 practice shots to really get a feel for the ball.