How to lower your handicap and your heart rate. The healthy side to golf.

How to lower your handicap and your heart rate. The healthy side to golf.

Playing golf has many health benefits for your heart. It gets your blood circulating and helps build muscles. This will naturally lower your risk of any heart or cardiovascular issues. Playing more golf can even lead to an increase in life expectancy. A study conducted around the exercise associated with golf found that players would typically burn at least 500 calories over 18 holes.  Additionally, those who would walk the entire course would end up covering around 10-14kms.


Researchers concluded that playing golf comes with many benefits and found that people who play golf are less likely to have anxiety, depression, and dementia. Golf also helps people suffering from chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes and reduces the risk of getting a stroke.


Here are some tips to lower your handicap and your heart rate! 


Adopt Breathing exercises

In order to control your nerves on the course, it’s important to adopt some breathing exercises. Firstly breath in for 3 seconds (through your nose), hold for 2 seconds, then exhale (through the mouth) for 6. Repeat this process until you feel your heart rate becoming more subtle. Try this before your next round at golf and see if you can keep a stable heart rate in order to play smoother and better golf.



Start every day on the course with a few stretches. To play your best golf, spend some time before each round stretching your arms, legs, and core. Work on steady and slow stretches. Do this for around 20 seconds and repeat this process three times. 


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Practice at the Range

If you’re looking to lower your handicap, the range is a great place to start. The work you put in at the range will be directly reflected on the course. Try to hit every shot as if you were playing on the course by selecting the clubs you would use on each hole. 


Get Fitted

Studies show that players who get properly fitted would generally lower their scores by more than 1.5 strokes and gain more than 20 yards from the tee box. Modern technologies such as Trackman make the fitting process much more precise and effective. Trackman gives you the ability to monitor the ball’s flight with radar, helping you receive exact recommendations on your grip and swing. 


Try these exercises next time you’re on the course and see your golf game go to the next level. Start every day on the course with stretches and remember to adopt breathing exercises to control the nerves before swinging your clubs. Get more practice at the range and get your clubs properly fitted to ensure you get the most out of your golf days.