How to Find the Right Golf Coach

How to Find the Right Golf Coach

Eventually, you might find your golf has hit a plateau and you are struggling to progress to the next level.  Many Golfers will listen to their peers’ but sometimes this could be the wrong advice. If you’re sick and tired of hitting a slice time after time then perhaps it’s time to start looking for a golf coach. 




This is broken up into two elements: personality and communication. Firstly It’s important that you get along with your coach to make the most of your lessons. Golf lessons should be informative yet enjoyable, if you are not enjoying your lessons maybe it’s time to look for another coach. The other element is communication. Communication needs to be clear between the coach and the player. If English isn’t your native language, try to find a coach that speaks your language. 


Proven Track Record

When looking for a Golf coach it’s always a good idea to look into things such as their track record and experience. Check out reviews from other students and gather feedback. This way you will be able to grasp if this coach will help you progress in the areas you need working on.  We also recommend looking into their teaching philosophy, certifications, and awards. Each coach has a different approach… Some coaches like to keep it simple with traditional methods, others might use modern technology to help improve players. 


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A commonly asked question is, ‘how many lessons will it take for me to improve?’ It’s important to know that whilst you can see improvements right away but real golfing progress can take time. It’s key to find a golf coach willing to work on your goals for an extended period of time, that way they can work on a plan to help you improve. 


Pick a PGA Professional

In this day and age, it is so easy to fill our heads with poor golf advice which we have received from friends, playing partners, and worst of all, online videos. In order to really improve your golf game, you should only stick to lessons from PGA Teaching Pro’s. PGA Professionals are highly qualified and offer the best advice on the market. 

Golfmate Gives you the ability to pick and choose from a variety of PGA professionals on our platform to meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s a coach that specializes in a certain part of our game, a female coach, or a coach that speaks your language we have a coach for you! 


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