Golf Driving Tips: The Ultimate Guide

Golf Driving Tips: The Ultimate Guide

Struggling off the tee is one of the most common problems a golfer can face. Some golfers let their nerves get the best of them, while some hit a big slice or simply hit the ball all over the place. It’s important to break down these issues and adopt the right technique to give you more consistency with your drives. 


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Here are some tips on how you can make the most of your drives the next time you’re on the course! 


– Widen Your Stance

One of the reasons you can swing faster with a driver club is due to its larger swing arc which results in more speed. It’s important to keep this in mind because you are swinging faster therefore it means you need a solid base for your swing.

Start by Standing so the outside of your shoulders extends down to the inside of your feet at the address. By doing this you will ensure you have a solid enough base to swing your club.


– Tilt Your Spine

When using an iron to swing at the ball we must strike “down” on the ball… however with a driver in hand, you should try to hit “up” on the golf ball.. We recommend having your left shoulder slightly higher than your right to cause a slight tilt in your spine. The purpose of the spine tilt is to put the player in a position where it is much easier to hit the ball up into the air. 


– Use More Loft

Due to technological advancements, we know that the most efficient way to launch the ball is with high loft and low spin. Dustin Johnson is known as one of the longest drivers on tour and uses an 11-degree driver! Next time you are on the course try to experiment with a higher loft and might be the key to hitting straighter, longer drives.


– Speed Training

In order to hit the ball further you need to increase your clubhead speed. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by swinging with different weighted golf clubs or speed sticks. You can train with both light and heavier weighted clubs or sticks, allowing you to easily develop both your technique and muscles. Try following suit of the vast number of professional golfers who have introduced speed training sessions into their weekly routine.


– Hit the Gym

Many of the PGA tour players adopt a training program to work on their strength and fitness. Tiger Woods highlights the importance of this many times and mentions that it should be an important part of the daily life of a human being, especially if you are a golfer. Exercise will improve your strength and fitness and will help improve your distance off the tee. 


– Hold Your Finish

It’s important to finish every swing in perfect balance.  If you are able to hold your position at the end of your swing you are more likely to have a swung with a balanced core. Having a balanced  body is critical as it makes it much easier to get the club head square to the target on impact… And a square club head will all but guarantee you straighter drives!