Fore Ways on How You Can Improve Your Golf Game !

Whether you’re a professional or still a beginner, all Golfers are looking for ways to improve their game. Here are some tips on lowering your score, getting more consistent, and improving your game.


Finding the right Golf Coach

Finding the right Golf Coach sometimes takes time. It’s always a good idea to reach out to your coach before booking your lesson to see if your coach is a good fit.  This chat will give you an idea if you think the coach is a good fit, as well as an opportunity for you to find out more about your coach. This is your chance to express your goals and what requirements you may have, such as a coach that can speak your language and communicate with you with ease. To make the most of your lessons, it’s always important to find a coach who understands you and can help you achieve your goals.


Slower Sometimes is better

It is important to try to find a speed that’s right for you. It was Gary Player who said, “The more I practice, the luckier I get.” The more you practice, the better your swing will be, but if you want better results in your current game, it is important to find your tempo. Too much power isn’t always the best way to go. By slowing down your swing, you will allow the club to put in the work for you, and this will help you focus on how you hit the ball instead of how hard you hit the ball.


Improve your Grip 

Before improving working on your golf swing, it is important that you first improve your grip.

Holding your club properly will allow you to have security without tension which allows for speed and power. If you are losing shots to the right, try strengthening your grip. Likewise, if you are losing shots to the left, try weakening your grip. There is no one right way to your club, but allowing your lead arm to relax and hang to its natural position is important to know what your grip should look like.


Improve your posture

Improving your posture will help you become a more consistent golfer. Your posture should always be the same. It is important to bend forward from the hips, so your chest has passed your toes and that your hands can hang directly below your shoulders.  Your posture is something you can work on anywhere, even at home. A good way to improve your posture is to practice in the mirror to see what it looks like when you balance forward and your hands hang.


Improve your swing 

Once you have implemented these four practices, you can start working on improving your swing. To swing the club faster requires a lack of tension, good fundamentals and training.   Improving your swing is something you can work on anywhere, whether it’s at the driving range, in the mirror at home or sending a picture or video to your coach for analysis.


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