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At Golfmate our mission is to become the number one golf application and management system in the Australian Golf industry by making a simple and convenient way to schedule appointments, organise or participate in competitions all from mobile devices at one’s own convenience.

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Book & Play

Book and play. All you need to do is have fun. Let us take care of all the drudgery.


Time can be saved at least 80% compared to booking in a traditional way


Professional and customized golf services for ultimate customer experience

Multilingual services

Book and pay on our platform by choosing a language that you are most comfortable with.

For golfers
How to use the Golfmate app?
  • Create an account

All you need to get started is your mobile number and email address to start finding PGA coaches near you!

  • Select a coach and book a lesson

Once you have created your account, Open the app and you will find coaches based on your location and will be able to find information about them such as their teaching methods, lesson description, photos, videos and reviews from other golfers. Select a date and time, book and play.

  • Wait for the coach to accept the order

Once you have processed your booking you will need your coach to accept your order. Once they accept you will receive a confirmation message. 

Stay connected with your coach
  • Stay connected with your coach 

Our instant messaging function gives you the ability to speak with your coach before and after your lessons.

  • Get Lessons

Meet your coach and start enjoying lessons.

  • Review your lesson

Let us know how you think your lesson went. 

For coaches
How to use the Golfmate app?
  • Create an account

All you need to get started is your mobile number and email address.

  • Set your lessons and schedule

It’s all up to you. You can decide what and when you teach. Set up your schedule and start getting orders.

  • Sit back and wait for orders

Once your profile has been completed your profile will go live and you can start getting lessons.

Stay connected with the golfer
  • Stay connected with the golfer

Freely chat with players who book lessons. Anytime, Anywhere.

  • Get Lessons!

Now it’s time to teach.

  • Start Earning!

Start earning with Golfmate.  Golfmate also gives players the ability to tip their coaches if they are satisfied with the service provided. 

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