We make golf bookings blazing fast and simple.

Golfmate brings golfers and coaches together. We make appointment scheduling simple, so that you can enjoy the game and focus on your improvement.
The Golfmate app makes golf less hassle and more enjoyable. Book lessons and play social rounds whilst getting personalised advice to improve your skills. We speak your language!
Our Solution

Golfmate offers an intelligent online service platform for golfers in Australia. Everything you need is made simple whether it’s searching for coaches, scheduling appointments or getting professional advice.

Our Journey

We are constantly looking on ways on how to improve by building relationships and engaging with golf clubs, coaches and players to get their feedback on our product.

What’s new?

We have created a newer, more efficient way of booking coaches and tee times in Australia in comparison to traditional methods. Golfmate is also the first app of its kind to have a multilingual functionality.

Who We Are?

As most people know, Australia is known for its natural wonders and warm weather, boasting some of the world’s top golf facilities. After landing here in 2015 like many other Australians, I picked up golf as a lifetime hobby.


However, very soon I found it difficult to book tee times and find a suitable coach. Clubs use computers to organise their bookings but are not motivated to make the most of the technology that we have available.  After going onto the club’s website, I found that the information they had on coaches was limited and it was difficult to find a coach who specialised in the areas I wanted to improve on and spoke my language.


So, I started to ask other golfers about their experience booking a coach and wasn’t surprised when they said that “they felt it was hard to book and play.”


As a golfer with an IT background, the idea of making an app came naturally to me. It was then that Golfmate was born- an app that connects PGA professional coaches with players at the touch of a button.


Golfmate – A New Way, A Better Way To Play Golf


Cass Yao (Founder of Golfmate) 

Meet The Team

Cass Yao


Neil Els

Head of Growth

Jason Farag

Marketing Assistant 

Kay Xu

 Marketing Assistant

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