We make golf bookings blazing fast and simple.

Golfmate brings golfers and coaches together. We make appointment scheduling simple, let you enjoy the game and focus on your improvement.
With Golfmate app, golf is less hassle and more enjoyable — booking lessons and social rounds of golf, getting personalised advice and improving your skills, registering for competitions…all in one place. And we speak your language!
What we are going to make?

Golfmate offers an intelligent online service platform for golfers in Australia through our mobile App. Everything you need is made simple on this application: searching coaches, scheduling appointments, getting professional advice, organising or participating in competitions, etc.

How far along are we?

We have already built up relationships with golf club.We keep talking to users that include club managers, professional coaches and golf players (teenage, international, and club members) to get their feedback on our product.

What’s new about what we’re making?

The mobile app we are building will lead people to a brand new way of booking golf coaches and tee times in Australia, which will be the first multilingual mobile app that serves this function.

Why do we pick this idea to work on?

Hi, I’m Cass Yao, founder of Golfmate, PAG certified community golf instructor, a golfer.


As people in every corner of this world know, Australia is fantastic with its top class golf facilities and beautiful sunlight. After I landed here in 2015, like many Australians are doing, I pick golf and want to develop it a lifetime hobby because clubs are everywhere.


However, very soon I found it hard to get hold of a suitable coach or even book accurate tee times. Clubs are using computer and build websites but not motivated to make the most of what we have. The information they provide online is limited and broken in pieces, not much useful and meet customised demands.


As a golfer with IT background, it comes to me that making an efficient APP can work in a simple way so that people can match with PGA coaches, caddies and get requirement satisfied when only slash your figures on smart phones.


I met many overseas golfers, some of them are new members and  others come for golf tours. In front of the local golf systems, they feel it hard to book and play. So I want to expand overseas market and provide them with good multilingual guide as well.


GOLFMATE, this is us who provide booking services for people who love golf in Australia.

Paul Davis

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